5 ways to sell yourself when you hate selling

Either you are business for yourself or looking for a job, the idea of knowing how to sell your self should concern you. Knowing how to market is an important skill anyone has to master. By understanding the fundamentals, you will be prepared to position yourself as an expert.

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Sell yourself

In order to possess this important skill, you first need to know your niche. You need to know your interests, talents and passion. Think about the ways you already bring these elements together and explore the possibilities for how you can engage them in innovation and problem solving.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can actually make you be your own salesperson. Keep in mind that the most effective marketers know how to position his or her product and advertise all the benefits that are relevant to the needs of a buyer. So when it comes to securing a job, having the right skills and experience isn’t always enough. You must know how to market yourself effectively and get noticed by presenting your assets.

Whether you are marketing your business or trying to secure a job, identifying and understanding your target audience is important. You can do some research on knowing them.

Once you’ve identified your targets, the next step is to know the proper way with words. Your terminology can be important when applying for a new role or selling your product or service to your customers. Use terminologies that are catchy and convincing, but make sure that they are true. Knowing how to use the right terms can also help you show your personality.  Don’t be afraid to add a little flair and a personal touch to your marketing. Nobody is solely a collection of professional skills and employers and customers may be keen to see a more human side.

For more on selling yourself, check this out: https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/marketing/sales-conversations-sell-yourself-when-you-hate-selling

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